Iowa Youth Survey

It’s time for the Iowa Youth Survey for 6th, 8th and 11th graders at Oelwein Community School District!

The IYS is a comprehensive survey of issues facing Iowa students. The IYS includes questions about actions and beliefs on: healthy eating, community involvement, substance use, gambling, school engagement, bullying, mental health, safety, peer group and family support to name a few. Many other student surveys focus on very specific areas and may miss the complex constellation of factors young Iowans experience.

  • The IYS has been administered in Iowa similarly since 1999, so trending data are available for most questions.
  • No student is required to answer any question he or she is uncomfortable answering, and all students can stop completing the survey at any time.
  • Results are confidential and individuals are not identifiable.

A high rate of participation benefits the individual school, county and state by providing more representative data. Student success is affected by all aspects of their environment. Schools cannot control the outside environment, but knowing what factors are present can help inform policies and processes to give students their best chance at success. The survey is completed in one standard class period, providing a wealth of data for limited loss of classroom time. Any students who do not complete the survey stop the survey wherever they are at when the class ends.

Each participating school district receives a report on their data for all questions found on the survey broken down by grade and gender. Approximately 83 percent of school districts participated in the 2016 IYS, with data from nearly 85,000 students collected. High participation levels ensure a stable point of reference when trying to gauge improvement or identify areas of need.

Thank you! If you have any questions about the Iowa Youth Survey, you can contact Deena Smock or visit the Iowa Youth Survey website.