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Oelwein Community Schools Central Office
307 8th Ave SE
Oelwein, Iowa  50662

Superintendent  |  Josh Ehn

Business Manager  |  Michael Rueber

Board Secretary |  Michael Rueber

District Office Manager |  Karen Seeders

Accounts Payable |  Glenda Rosenstiel

Buildings & Grounds Director |  Jim Prouty

Food Service Director |  Hallie Roth

Technology Director  |  Chris Braun

Transportation Director |  Nathan Westendorf

Transportation Assistant Director |  Laura Haun

Our Mission

To support education and improve the health and well-being of every student by providing a variety of highly nutritious meals that help promote healthy eating habits with an atmosphere of cleanliness, cheerfulness, and personal caring.

If you have questions about the OCSD Food Service Department please contact Food Service Director, Hallie Roth.

Food Services Director  |  Hallie Roth  |  319-283-3015

Building & Grounds Director  |  Jim Prouty  |  319-283-3015 x1051

Maintenance  |  Bob Gilson  |  319-283-3015 x1052

Maintenance  |  Terry Link  |  319-283-3015 x1052

Maintenance  |  Mike Haun  |  319-283-3015 x1052

Improved health optimizes student performance. The Oelwein Community School District (OCSD) supports a healthy environment where students learn and participate in good nutrition and regular physical activity as a part of the total learning environment.

The school district provides a comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors. The entire school environment, not just the classroom, shall be aligned with school district wellness goals to positively influence a student’s understanding, beliefs and habits as they relate to good nutrition and regular physical activity.

Your school nurse, county health nurse and doctor are excellent sources for information and guidance.

District Nurse  |  Karrie Peterson  |  319-283-1982

We believe that technology is one of our greatest resources as an instructional and administrative tool. To serve our district of over 200 employees and 1300 students, we have assembled a highly qualified team to support our District’s technology infrastructure and initiatives.

The Information Technology Department oversees a variety of servers, systems, networking equipment and infrastructure, peripherals, hosted software solutions, information systems and more than 2000 computers, tablets and other devices in five schools, the administration building, and various buildings throughout the District.


The mission of the OCS Information Technology Division is to provide the OCS teachers, staff, and students with needed IT services and tools to further support instruction and the student education experience throughout their K-12 academic career and beyond.

Goals & Objectives 

  • To provide technology tools and solutions with an innovative and instructional focus to improve the broader mission of our schools.
  • To provide teachers with desktop support and secure and reliable technology solutions for student and instructional use.
  • To provide students with the needed communications platforms and technology and support the distribution of knowledge in the classroom and in an online environment to better prepare them for a global and dynamic workforce.
  • To provide teachers, staff and administrators with reliable communication channels to better interact with students, parents and the community.

Student Laptop Information

The Student Laptop initiative provides a tablet or computer to every student and staff member in the district. Studies have shown that similar initiatives increase attendance and graduation rates as well as boost students' 21st century skills.

  • Student Laptop Program Goals
    • Transform instruction to increase student achievement and engagement through optimal utilization of technology.
    • Increase students' communication and collaborative problem-solving skills.
    • Use technology to empower self-directed life-long learners.
    • Teach ethical responsibility through digital media and electronic communication.
    • Promote a student-centered learning environment where students create, research, and problem-solve real world issues.

Laptop Troubleshooting Tips

For more information on the program, or information about our tech program please visit the Husky Nation Tech website.

Director of Technology  |  Chris Braun  |  319-283-2732

Desktop Support  |  Matt Baumann  |  319-283-2374

Printing Services  |  Layne Schuldt  |  319-283-3015 x1024

The Oelwein Community School District along with PAWSitively Oelwein, a not-for-profit organization, have teamed up to provide comfort dogs for the school district and community to enhance engagement, support, and additional resource to help meet the needs of all students and their successes.

To meet the "PAW"some Dogs of Oelwein, please see visit their page on our website.

Seating will be limited to those who have registered for the current school year to ride the bus.

To request transportation for your child, please complete the Transportation Request Form.

Transportation Director  |  Nathan Westendorf  |  319-283-3536 Ext. 6

Transportation Assistant Director  |  Laura Haun  |  319-283-3536 Ext. 6