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The Oelwein Community School District does
whatever it takes

Therapy and Comfort Dogs

Oelwein Community School District along with PAWSitively Oelwein, a not-for-profit organization, have teamed up to provide comfort dogs for the school district and community to enhance engagement, support, and additional resources to help meet the needs of all students and their successes. Click here to meet them!

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Making the News

If you have not watched the news lately, look what you missed: https://kwwl.com/news/top-stories/2018/11/30/follow-up-oelwein-students-make-progress-on-their-house/

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6th Grade Field Trip

The 6th grade class took a field trip to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in October as part of their unit on Freshwater Systems and Wetlands.  The students did research on a wetland organism and created a mural.   Many of them were able to see a live example of what they researched as well…

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Mya’s Return

The Middle School is happy to announce the return of Mya from her maternity leave! She seemed just as happy to get back as the kids were to see her!

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Husky PRIDE Awards

The Oelwein Middle School would like to recognize the students that have been awarded our Husky PRIDE Awards! The Husky PRIDE Award is awarded to eight students each quarter for representing PRIDE in school. The PRIDE acronym stands for Positive, Responsible, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence. The following students have been recognized by the Oelwein Middle…

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Legally Blonde

The Oelwein High School Drama Department is proud to present Legally Blonde The Musical! The students have been working hard and are excited to take you all to Harvard Law School. The shows are November 2nd and 3rd at 7pm. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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