We have updated our Grab and Go food options. We have removed the Middle School site and added Parkside as a site. We will also now only be open from 11:30-12:30, but will be giving a warm lunch and a cold breakfast for the next morning.

Breakfasts will include: fruit and milk

Monday     Tuesday          Wednesday             Thursday              Friday

Cereal         Muffin               PopTart            Snack Bread           Cereal Bar

Lunches will include: fruit, vegetable, and milk

March 23rd – Deli Turkey Sandwich

24th – Hotdog

25th – Italian Chicken

26th – Hot Ham Sandwich

27th – Stuffed Cheese Sticks

30th – Chicken Patty

31st – Pepperoni Pizza

April 1st – Hamburger

2nd – Popcorn Chicken

3rd – Cheese Pizza

6th – Grilled Cheese

7th – Bratwurst

8th – Pizza Burger

9th – Chicken Sticks

10th – Cheese Quesadilla

*The Oelwein Schools are an equal opportunity provider. Menu subject to change in event something is out of stock.

Grab and Go - Temporary Food Service Flyer