With the end of one school year and another just around the corner, I wanted to send out a few friendly reminders that will help with registration next year.  If you get your child a physical during the summer please keep these in mind. I am sending out a list of health updates that are required for your child to be enrolled in the school system. Please remember that all immunizations need to be completed before your child is allowed to attend School-Iowa Code 139A.8.


  1. All immunizations need to be up-to-date and be on IRIS, audits will be done in the fall.
  2. Dental Screening –audit in November
  3. Vision Screening- audit in November
  4. Lead testing- this is a yes or no and we send it to the state for their audit, this audit will be sent in at the beginning of the school year, if you have a copy please send it to school.

Third Grade

  1. Vision Screening-audit in November

Seventh Grade

  1. Tdap immunization and Meningococcal- this is required for all students that have or are entering 7th I know the clinics may say that it is not required yet, but by Iowa Department of Public Health this is required to be in school

Ninth Grade

  1. Dental Screening-audits in November

12th Grade

  1. Meningococcal Immunization due

These health up dates are not new, if you have questions during the summer or at any time, please e-mail me at

Please remember when filling out the online forms for registration to fill out the health tab. The form gives me a better idea on how to take care of your child. It is mandatory by the state of Iowa that immunizations are completed. Please if you have any questions please call me or e-mail me. If at any time you would rather meet with me when we are allowed or call me to talk about your child, send me an email and we can set up a time.

Thank you,

K. Peterson MSN RN

Oelwein Community District Nurse