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Safe & Supportive Schools

Last year, Iowa received nearly $14 million from the U.S. Department of Education to implement a four year project to improve conditions for learning, which include school safety, student participation in school and the school environment. Iowa was chosen as one of only eleven states to receive this funding to find creative ways to improve conditions for learning. The program is called IOWA SAFE & SUPPORTIVE SCHOOLS and Oelwein High School has joined the state and nation in this important work!

The Safe Schools coordinator for Oelwein High School is Deena Smock. Mrs. Smock was hired in January of 2012 and brings over 13 years experience in Human Service work to Oelwein High School. Mrs. Smock's role will be to assist the Building Leadership Team, a team of teachers and administration, as well as the Youth Leadership Team, a team of students from 8th to 11th grade, in creating and implementing various strategies and goals to improve the three areas for the Safe and Supportive School grant.

  • SAFETY - bullying policies and coping strategies, along with lessening the expulsion and suspension numbers
  • ENGAGEMENT - the positive relationship and engagement of student to student, staff to student, and staff to staff
  • ENVIRONMENT - the positive atmosphere of the school and pride of the Oelwein High School and District

These three areas greatly impact the learning abilities of our students and it is important to continue the progress on building a better learning experience for our students.

Deena Smock

Counselor / Volleyball Coach

Middle School


Phone: 319-283-3015