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Why Oelwein Online?

Unlike other online learning options, we offer a small school design for individualized attention. We work with students and parents with customizable assistance available may ways.

  • Small-town feel with small class sizes
  • Each student gets their own laptop
  • Phone calls
  • Personal email correspondence
  • Zoom meetings
  • Text correspondence
  • 100% FREE

All from caring, small-town teachers dedicated to "Do Whatever it Takes to Educate ALL Students!"

What are they saying about O2?

What I like about Zoom…

  • I like talking to my teacher.
  • I like my sight words and I like Show and Tell. 

I've enjoyed doing Oelwein Online because I not only get to help my children with their school work; but, I also get to know exactly what they're learning and what they need extra help with. I'm not just a parent;  I’m also a Learning Coach and I get to be “hands-on” with my children's education. My children love it because they get to work at their own pace and get to pick what subject they want to start the day with. They also love doing the Zoom meetings because they get to see not only classmates; but, the teacher as well. 

O2 online is a great option. The teachers are very helpful. I feel the content my child learned while completing the program was challenging and accurate for her grade level.

Oelwein Online is fun and sometimes hard because for me I have to go to my grandma and grandpa's. But most of it's fun. I get to learn and stay safe, but I also get to see my teachers.

I like how I get to work at my own pace.

My children feel like they are still part of the school district by participating in activities that the other students are (i.e. dress up days) and other school-wide activities.

I learned to (that I) do hard things on my own.

I learned my learning style fits well with O2 and I’m having fun learning!

Our experience has been WONDERFUL!!! We can’t say enough about it! (student name) seems to be thriving with online learning. She really enjoys it. She, however, is not a procrastinator and likes to get things done right away. She really likes doing things on her time.

We honestly can not say enough good things about online learning. Also, any questions we have get answered right away. Thank you so much for all you do! We APPRECIATE IT!!!”

It is good because it works in with your schedule. It helps with family and appointments. We love it a lot.