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The transportation department has deleted a bus route and some in-town stops.  We will have 4 country routes and 1 Oelwein in-town shuttle bus. The bus routes will now go by colors. 

Purple route: in town shuttle 

Green route: north and east country 

Red route: south and east and Hazleton town

Orange route:   south and Hazleton town

Blue route: north and west Oelwein.

Seating will be limited to those who have registered for the current school year to ride the bus.

Below are links to the bus routes for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have questions regarding transportation for the OCSD, please contact Transportation Director:

Mike Hillman
Phone: 319-283-3536 ext. 6
Email Mike


2019-2020 Bus Routes

Purple Route

Green Route

Red Route

Orange Route

Blue Route


To request transportation for your child, please complete the request form here:

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