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Oelwein Summer Lifting / Agility

Would you like to jump farther & higher, run faster, and get stronger? Students will be tested weekly with timed sprints and jumps for distance and height. The data will be recorded, ranked, and published to see how progress is being made. Here is an opportunity for kids going into high school in the fall entering grades 9-12 or middle school entering grades 4-8 in the fall. This will benefit you by becoming faster, stronger, increasing athleticism, collaboration with peers/teammates, and injury prevention. Everyone is welcome and athletes are highly encouraged to attend. The following mission statement was created by the Oelwein Athletic Department detailing how important speed and strength training is along with the expectation of all Oelwein students athletes participating in it year round.

OHS Summer LiftingAgility

OMS Summer LiftingAgility (2)