Dear Wings Park Families,

In an effort to better ensure the safety of our students, our dismissal procedures will look different than they have in years past.  We are implementing a tag system. During our Backpack Night on August 21st, all families who intend to pick their students up after school will need to visit Mrs. Schmitz, Mrs. Glawe, or Mrs. WInter, they will assign your family a number.  Each student and adult will get a tag with that number. We will attach the students’ tags to their backpacks, while you will be given two tags with the same number to hang from your rearview mirrors.

At the end of the school day, bus riders will be sent down to the gym like usual and be organized by route.  Once all students of that route are ready to go, they will be walked to our new sidewalk and load the buses from 8th Avenue.

Once the bus riders are gone, the car riders will be called down to the gym and organized by number.  Your cars will be parked along our driveway and we will have adults calling into the gym to dismiss students whose parents are here to pick them up. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLES.  We will make sure that your students get out to you as quickly as possible. I have included a diagram to help everyone better understand how dismissal procedures will go

Please know that this procedure is new for us too and it will take a little time before we are efficient at it.  So we ask for your grace and patience as we work through to make sure that our students are safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email.


Justin McGuinness

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