Mike Kor of Arnold Motor Supply invited students in Mr. Todd Kastli’s Power, Energy and Transportation class to tour their facility, where engines are reconditioned and reassembled.

Jim Loban explained what he will be doing to rebuild a Wisconsin engine.

Jim also explained how this tractor cylinder head is being surfaced before other operations can be done.

Ryan Chesmore demonstrated how the cylinders in an engine block are bored.

Here, Ryan explained the importance of a proper cylinder hone cross hatch pattern while demonstrating how it is done.

This is a recently reconditioned crankshaft attached to a pallet for shipping.

Students in Kastli’s Pre-Construction class built tables of various heights for use in Ms. Kirsten Nelson’s classroom. The different heights allow students to use them while kneeling or sitting on the floor as well as being seated on a couple of different height chairs.

Students built a pair of tables in three different heights. The tables are made from Melamine covered wood so that dry erase markers can be used on them and easily cleaned for reuse.

One of Ms. Nelson’s students using one of the Melamine covered tables during center time.

Kastli and Mr. Ryan Bergan’s students, Steven Nicolay, Steven Ralston and Carsen Jeanes competed at West Delaware High School in a GMAW(commonly known as MIG or wire-fed) Welding Contest. The contest had 2 parts, welding the widget in the photo below and also a math test in which the students were given a blueprint to determine the various dimensions on the views of the blueprint.

The students were also able to talk with some of the local manufacturers, suppliers, NICC representatives and economic development personnel from Delaware County.

Lunch was served and the prizes were presented in their large Auto Shop.

Although they didn’t place in the top 3, the students all agreed that it was definitely worthwhile and we should take students to it again next school year.

Nicolay, Ralston and Jeanes look on during the prize drawing and awards ceremony.

Here, students and teachers from about 22 schools listen to West Delaware welding instructor, Seth Harms, give the contest directions in the W.D. welding shop.

One of these widgets was tack welded together for each student and an example with instructions was on display for students to view. Students welded fillet welds in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical uphill/downhill, and overhead, inside and outside corners, down hill T’s and an Uphill T.

Introduction to Industrial Technology students in Kastli’s class built a dragster stand and a CO2 powered dragster that was raced to see which dragster was the fastest and who had the best dragster design in the class. The fastest legal car advanced through the bracket to win and the students voted on the best design.

Students learned about design and engineering principles and also learned how to use a lot of hand and power tools and about paint preparation and application.

Nelson Lopez is using a band saw to cut out the side view of his dragster.

The Introduction to Industrial Technology students stand behind their CO2 powered dragsters.

Noah Gross holds a certificate for the fastest car in the class and a copy of the racing bracket that his car won. Colton Roete holds his certificate for the Dragster with the best design, voted on by the students. Each student converted their time in seconds over 65’8” to Miles Per Hour. Noah’s fastest time was 39.82 MPH!

Kastli’s Introduction to Metals and Advanced Industrial Tech students have used a SMAW (stick) and a GMAW (wire-fed) Welding Simulator to learn the basic processes, welding positions and welding joints before applying that knowledge to actual welds in the metals lab. Students have also, gas welded, brazed and cut, built a toolbox, used a hydraulic and hand shear, box and pan brake, tap and die set, welded individual projects, cut with a hand held plasma cutter and a CNC plasma cutter, drilled holes with hand drills and drill presses, spot welded parts together and riveted hardware onto toolboxes as well as prepped and painted metal.

Damon Melchert designing a hitch cover on the PlasmCam CNC plasma cutter.

One of the tool boxes made in Intro to metals class.

Gabe Munn SMAW(stick) welding.