We have updated our Return to Learn plan due to the new guidelines. Please see all of the details that we currently have here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TP-bE3fAoL2MjNTl9fprdhrvEGTDt2fiQuYx5W3A-n8/edit?usp=sharing We know there are LOTS of questions still. We also have lots of questions we are working on answering. We will continue to update on Facebook and www.oelweinschools.com as we…

- Return to Learn UPDATE

This will mark our third year since beginning online registration. As the process has become smoother and more familiar for parents and staff, we hope to keep registration 100% remote this year. Please register this week!! For all of the details, go to: https://www.oelweinschools.com/parents/registration-information/

- School Registration Information

Husky stadium and track are closed until further notice as we are putting in a new track surface.

- Track work