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Reminder that conferences are a little different this year: Monday, September 24, 2018 – 4 pm – 7 pm CONFERENCES Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – TWO HOUR LATE START — 8 am – 10 am CONFERENCES — NO EARLY OUT (REGULAR DISMISSAL TIME) — 4 pm – 6 pm CONFERENCES

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All schools are now on LOCK-OUT. This means no one is allowed into or out of any building until further notice.

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We are aware of the threat in the community. It has been confined to a specific area. All of our schools are safe and we will continue to be in contact with the Oelwein Police Department and to evaluate the situation!

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Picture Orders

jehn with champ

Parents, did your middle school or high school student forget to bring you a picture order sheet? Have no fear, pictures can still be ordered (if done within 48 hours, no shipping fees)! Go to Enter your picture day ID (High School – BN608458Qo; Middle School – BN608452Q0) Make your selections! You may also… Continue Reading Picture Orders

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